Northants Board & Card Gamers Collective


We have tried to keep the process for signing up for games as fair as possible and hopefully the system described below will help everyone to get a fair crack either to find players or play in the game sessions that interests them.  We have purposely avoided advance game sign ups for this reason and used a template that has proven successful for other mini conventions.



Sign up sheets for games being offered, with tag lines/system used/genre descriptions and synopsis will be made available to view prior to sign up, this will give you some kind of indication of what the game is about, theme and content.  Please don't sign up until we've announced sign ups are open.


Game Masters

Please let us have your completed sign up sheets when you register, blank sign up sheets can be download here or there will be some on the day.  Let us know if you are looking to run a morning or afternoon session.  Please ensure that you clearly flag any adult or mature content.  These sheets will be read by potential players so they can get some kind of feel for the game you are offering to run.



When you arrive on the day you will be registered and given a playing card (don't lose it).  When players are called for sign up we will call a suit of cards (hearts, spades etc.), all players with cards of that suit can come to the registration table and sign up for games by putting their name on the sheet.   Don't worry if you didn't get first pick this time, for the next session the order of suits annouced will be reversed.  If a group of 2 or more persons wish to sign up for a game then choose one person in the group to use their card suit to sign up on your behalf adding all names to the sign up sheet.

We intend to fill all game sessions, but if you are a GM who offered a game which does not have enough players sign up to run it we will have to postpone it.  In the event a game doesn't run will ask other GM's to accomodate you as a player(s) in their games if you wish, so you can still have fun.  



Doors open 9.00am

Morning game sign up 9.40am

Morning games 10.00am – 1.30pm


Afternoon game sign up  2.10pm

Afternoon games  2.30pm – 6.00pm